Lauren was born and raised in Melbourne into an extremely musical family. Her father – Melbourne entertainer Bobby Valentine – began taking her to his gigs at the ripe young age of 5. Inspired, Lauren began singing out loud at every opportunity she could manage. Singing in the school and church choirs and at school assemblies’, Lauren grasped every opportunity she could to perform, no matter how much she may have disliked the material! Before she knew it, Lauren was singing for a living! And, of course, loving every minute of it.

Lauren graduated from Monash University in 2005, after completing a Bachelor Of Performing Arts, majoring in Drama and Theatre Studies. This is where her love for the stage was ignited and she discovered she could share her passion with many actors and singers.

Lauren has also been teaching singing for the past 5 years.
“The passion and drive that comes from my students reminds me of why I do what I do in the first place, and I love to inspire and BE inspired by these wonderful people. Teaching will always play an important role in my life and career”.

Having fronted many national and international acts and events over the last 10 years, Lauren has been very fortunate to collaborate with the finest of Melbourne and Australia’s talent.

In 2010, Lauren began collaborating with ARIA award-winning songwriters from likes of Cookin On 3 Burners, Mondo Rock and Louis King. By mid-2011, they had brought together a collection of several works, all sharing similar inspiration with a Motown/soul sound.
This brought Lauren to the release of her debut EP, ‘She Won’t Love You’, which was released in April 2013.

After recording and mixing her first single, ‘I Need A Man’ at the infamous shed studios, run by ARIA award-winning engineer, John Castle, exciting news came in February 2012, when Lauren approached UK producer extraordinaire Chris Thomas (The Beatles White Album, Pink Floyd, U2, INXS, Sex Pistols, just to name a few!) and Chris agreed to come out of retirement to produce her EP. At first Lauren thought it was a crazy long shot, and then before she knew it, Chris was flying over to sit with her on a couch, sip tea and listen to the bare bones of every studio-recorded track. “
It was amazing to see him work in the studio with Doug Brady, hearing stories of “Paul and “Ringo”, and “John and “George!”

With Chris’ expertise, the wonderful craftsmanship of the musicians on the record, Trevor Reading’s brilliant ideas and engineering, and finally Philip Rex’s slick mastering, the EP was a huge success, selling over 3000 copies and counting, at various gigs and festivals throughout the country and online.

Having conquered the Melbourne soul music scene, Lauren wanted to take it down a level, and explore her softer side as an artist. Her passion for music stems from folk/blues/country artists, such as Joni Mitchell and Bonnie Raitt, and this style of music has always held a special place in Lauren’s life.

Lauren has recently crafted a new project that has become album number two for the popular singer, titled ‘Into The Stillness’. This time, the abum has become emursed in the purity of minimal instruments, and raw feeling, mixed with modern sounds and writing “songs from the heart”.

Lauren has worked amongst Australia’s best, such as Kate Cebebrano, Ross Wilson, Vince Jones, Vika and Linda Bull, and fellow song-writer and co-producer of ‘Into The Stillness’, Joe Camilleri.
Her first single, ‘Young Once’ will be launched in Melbourne late 2014, following a promo tour of the UK and Europe from which Lauren has just returned.

“This next album is very exciting for me. My songs, my sounds, done my way. My engineer Damian Cafarella of EOR Studios has been an amazing sound-board, creative director and friend. This is our “baby”. We have made it about us and had the pleasure to invite along some very special guests and dear friends to play our songs. It has been a wonderful journey, I don’t want it to end!”

Joe Camilleri has written a song for the album, ‘Heart So True’, and has been a wonderful mentor for Lauren. They worked together on a national tour of a Van Morrison Show, ‘Here Come The Night’, which toured Australia in 2013 and will again in September of this year. The show also includes Vika Bull and Vince Jones.

‘Into The Stillness’ will be released late 2014.